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  What is HERmail.net? It's exciting. It's innovative. It's an international directory of women travellers. ...a FREE no fee e-mail based service that allows any woman anywhere in the world to connect at this site with other females who love ...

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<p><A NAME="right1"></A> <DIV ALIGN=center> 
<div align="center">
  <p><a href="index.html"><img src="images/HerMailBanner2.jpg" width="650" height="128" border="0"></a></p>
  <p><a href="http://journeywoman.com/classifieds/toursforwomen.html"><img src="banners/JWTripsforWomen.jpg" width="468" height="75" border="0"></a></p>
<table width="90%" border="0" align="center" cellpadding="5">
    <TD width="65%"> <FONT color="#DC240A"><B><FONT size="5">What is HERmail.net?</FONT></B></FONT> 
      <BR> <STRONG>It's <FONT color="#DC240A"><B>exciting.</B></FONT><BR>
      It's <FONT color="#DC240A"><B>innovative.</B></FONT> <BR>
      It's an international directory of women travellers.</STRONG> <BR>
      ...a <STRONG>FREE</STRONG> no <a style="text-decoration:none; color:inherit; background-color:inherit;" href="https://www.thinkconveyancing.com.au/conveyancing-fees">fee</a> e-mail based service that allows any woman anywhere<br>
      in the world to connect at this site with other females who love to travel.</TD>
<center> <TABLE border="0" width="90%" cellpadding="10"> 
      <TD> <FONT color="#DC240A"><B><FONT size="5">How does HERmail.net work?</FONT></B></FONT> 
        <STRONG>Imagine this.</STRONG> <strong><img src="images/lettercarorange.jpg" width="203" height="159" align="right"></strong><BR>
        Suppose a woman living in New York is planning a trip to Japan and needs 
        'insider's information.' She simply keys in the name of the city she will 
        be visiting and HERmail will instantly provide up to two female contacts 
        at that destination - women who have previously registered with HERmail.net. 
        E-mail messages between the two women can then be exchanged -- the New 
        York woman might want to inquire about <a href="https://www.thinkconveyancing.com.au/victoria/conveyancing-ballarat/" style="text-decoration:none; color: #000;">conveyancing</a>, the weather and what clothing to 
        pack. Perhaps she is looking for a woman-friendly B&amp;B or maybe she 
        needs the name of a vegetarian restaurant or a good hair stylist in Japan. 
        The reasons for communicating are endless. HERmail simply provides the 
        contacts. You decide how you want to use it.</TD>
    </TR> </TABLE></CENTER><center> 
  <TABLE border="0" width="90%" cellpadding="10">
      <TD> <FONT color="#DC240A"><B><FONT size="5">Is it safe to list my e-mail 
        address in this directory?</FONT></B></FONT> <BR>
        <STRONG>Absolutely!</STRONG> <BR>
        For security purposes none of the e-mail addresses listed in the directory 
        will ever be seen on the HERmail.net site. Instead, HERmail will do the 
        search on your behalf and supply a message form for you to fill in. We 
        will also initiate the first anonymous e-mail contact behind the scenes. 
        After that, you and your HERmail.net contact can exchange e-mail addresses 
        directly with each other.</TD>
  <TABLE border="0" width="90%" cellpadding="10">
      <TD> <FONT color="#DC240A"><B><FONT size="5">Will these e-mail addresses 
        ever be used for other purposes?</FONT></B></FONT> <BR>
        <STRONG>Absolutely not!</STRONG> <BR>
        We promise to never, ever sell or use these e-mail addresses for any other 
        reason than for the HERmail.net woman's directory.</TD>
  <TABLE border="0" width="90%" cellpadding="10">
      <TD> <FONT color="#DC240A"><B><FONT size="5">How many listings does this 
        directory contain?</FONT></B></FONT> <BR>
        <strong>Over 15, 500 women from 35 countries</strong> have already signed 
        on ready to offer assistance to other travelling females. They are, of 
        course also looking forward to using this invaluble service themselves. 
        Our dream is to have female representatives in every single major city 
        in the world. With your participation and your great networking, we know 
        we can do it!</TD>
      <TD><p><font color="#DC240A" size="5"><strong>What women are saying about 
          the Hermail.net service.</strong></font><br>
          We've collected notes from women worldwide who are part of the HERmail.net 
          Directory. Please read their happy <a href="talk.html#talk">comments</a> 
          about the adventures they've had and the help they've received simply 
          by connecting with another travelling woman somewhere in this great 
          big world.<br>
<TABLE width="90%" border="0" align="center" cellpadding="10">
    <TD width="59%" ALIGN=left VALIGN=middle><a href="signup_mentor.html" onMouseOver="imgAct('img1')"
onMouseOut="imgInact('img1')"><img src="images/check.gif" name="img1" height="50" width="77" alt="Sign me up!" border="NO"></a> 
      <font color="#DC240A"><b><font size="5"><a href="signup_mentor.html">Yes! 
      Sign me up!</a></font></b></font></TD>
    <TD width="41%" ALIGN=left VALIGN=middle> <img src="images/lettercarorange2.jpg" width="200" height="128"></TD>
<BR> <TABLE BORDER="0" WIDTH="90%"> <TR> 
    <table width="70%" border="3" align="center" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" bordercolor="#000000">
        <td><div align="left"><a href="signup_mentor.html"><img src="images/redDot.gif" width="20" height="25" border="0" align="left">I 
            want to be a mentor</a></div></td>
        <td><div align="left"><a href="signup_mentor.html"><img src="images/redDot.gif" width="20" height="25" border="0" align="left"></a><a href="search.html">I 
            want to find a mentor</a></div></td>
        <td> <p align="left"><img src="images/redDot.gif" width="20" height="25" border="0" align="left"><a href="talk.html">What 
            Hermail users say</a></p></td>
        <td><div align="left"><img src="images/redDot.gif" width="20" height="25" border="0" align="left"><a href="traveltips.html" onClick="subMgr(); return false;">I 
            want travel tip news</a></div></td>
        <td><div align="left"><img src="images/redDot.gif" width="20" height="25" border="0" align="left"><a href="http://journeywoman.com/classifieds/default.html">100 
            women-friendly trips</a></div></td>
        <td><div align="left"><img src="images/redDot.gif" width="20" height="25" border="0" align="left"><a href="https://www.thinkconveyancing.com.au/">Sponsor</a></div></td>
    <br />
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